Our clients only have great things to say about our Ear Wax Removal Specialist Kate, who sat down this week to answer some frequently asked questions on ear wax removal. 
How long have you been removing ear wax? 
"It’s been a long time! Altogether I’ve been doing it for 30 years, the first five were using irrigation only and the last 25 have been predominantly micro suction, but sometimes irrigation and manual extraction when required. It depends on the ears!" 
Why do you do what you do? 
"Well the main reason I do this is because of how big of a difference it makes to people’s lives and seeing their relief once the wax is removed and they can hear better. Hearing is so important and it’s great to be able to restore a person’s hearing after it’s been deprived for however long. 
After all these years I still find ears fascinating and never get bored because each pair of ears are attached to someone different." 
Could you explain what happens during an ear wax removal appointment? 
"Firstly the lovely ladies at reception will greet the client and seat them at the sofa, with a tea or coffee if they're a bit early. If a consent form hasn’t been completed, we will ask the client to fill one out so I can read through any information I may need to be aware of before we begin. 
Next I’ll show the client to the clinic room and explain the process. I'll then examine the ears with a high-resolution video otoscope and show the client their inner ears and amount of wax on a screen, which they are usually very intrigued by! Before I begin to remove the wax I will make sure that they are sitting comfortably and angled correctly. For micro suction, a small suction device is inserted into the ear which gently removes the wax. 
After all the wax is removed I’ll examine the ears once more to ensure that the canals and drums are clear and healthy, again showing the client their clear inner ears on a screen. Aftercare is not usually necessary and the client will feel instant relief and improvement in hearing." 
Have you ever had wax removed yourself? What can people expect? 
"Yes it was very tickly! 
As wax is removed it becomes noisier, which shows that it’s working as the suction machine can be heard more clearly. It is not painful but it can cause some mild discomfort. During appointments I ask clients to tell me if something doesn’t feel right or they need a break. 
My extensive training, qualifications and experience allow me to conduct appointments in the most effective and safest possible manner, minimizing risk and restoring my clients' hearing dramatically." 
What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 
"I am an avid crafter and enjoy crafting homemade gifts, so much so I recently converted the spare room into a crafting studio! A recent creation I like a lot is my ‘gluggle jug’, but I make lots of different things such as coasters and hanging decorations. 
I also love taking my little dog Lily out on her walks, who is 12." 
Thank you so much to Kate for taking the time to share some of her knowledge. We hope that you have learnt a bit more about the process of professional ear wax removal and can rest assured you are in safe hands when you book with Andrew Bird Hearing! 
If you have any more questions for Kate, please feel free to leave a comment on this post or on Facebook and we will ask her next time. 
If you would like to book an ear wax removal appointment, call us on 01242 262551 or send an enquiry here on our website. 
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