About us

Andrew had been working for one of the largest independent hearing aid dispensing companies for over four years when he decided to start his own business. He felt that many of the bigger companies did not always put the customer first.

Andrew Bird Hearing Ltd is completely independent, this means that we can dispense the hearing aid that best suits your loss unlike non-independent hearing aid companies that are usually backed by specific manufacturers and therefore can only dispense their own and limited products.

We do not believe in pressure sales and pride ourselves on our aftercare. Family and friends are encouraged to attend the initial consultation in order to involve all those effected by the loss and offer support to the individual who is being tested.

At Andrew Bird Hearing Ltd we put the patient first and really do care about making a difference to your quality of life.

We have also established firm relationships with local friendly opticians. This partnership gives us a strong presence in most districts throughout Gloucestershire and beyond, enabling customers better access to our services.