Ear Wax Removal 

Problems hearing? It may be ear wax build-up. If you experience any of these symptoms, wax could be the culprit: 
Hearing loss 
Ear ache or the sensation of blocked ears 
Ears ringing or buzzing 
For our ear wax removal service we use the client-preferred method of micro suction, the safest and gentlest process for removing ear wax. (Syringing/irrigation still available). 

Most GP Surgeries have stopped providing ear wax removal services. 

When you visit the NHS for blocked ears you will most likely be referred to a private Audiologist like ourselves. To save yourself the time and hassle - book with us directly. 


Price Guide. 

Ear Inspection (no wax removed) - £30.00 
Ear Wax Removal in One Ear£60.00 
Ear Wax Removal in Both Ears£80.00 
To arrange an appointment call us on 01242 262551 
use the "Book Now" button below and we'll get back to you. 


You are required apply olive oil drops to your blocked ear(s) for a minimum of 3 to 5 consecutive days leading up to your appointment - this helps soften the compacted wax making it easier for us to remove and more comfortable for yourself. 
Kitchen olive oil is fine, as well as olive oil based sprays and drops. We have Earol availble to purchase for only £7. Earol is an olive oil based spray which can reduce over-application and significantly reduce spillage and mess. 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

Answered by Andrew Bird. 
Yes, it is completely safe and will cause no damage at all to your ears. We are fully trained and qualified licensed audiologists and earwax removal specialists and your care always comes first. 
Yes. All equipment is used only once then disposed of and we maintain a high standard of hygiene in all of our clinics. If requested we have no issue with wearing surgical face coverings or full PPE if necessary.  
No the procedure is not painful but may feel slighly uncomfortable at times. We use micro suction or irrigation, which are very gentle inside the ear.  
Most clinic appointments are booked as 30 minute slots and home visits are booked as 45 minutes, however do not always last that long. Some of that time will be taken up by walking you through the procedure, answering any questions and inspecting the ear, so don't worry it will not be 30-45 minutes of straight earwax removal. 
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