Stroud Nailsworth Hearing Tests 

Our Stroud hearing test clinic is open every Monday and available to anyone, located at Nailsworth Natural Health Clinic, Gloucestershire. The Independent Audiology clinic has been up and running for many years now and we are so pleased to be able to provide, and continue providing vital hearing services to the Nailsworth community. 
Audiologist Liam Halliday is the practicing clinician. Liam joined the team in 2014 as a trainee and has since become fully qualified, achieving a distinction in his qualifications. Liam has fully embraced the "client first" approach that is at the core of the Andrew Bird Hearing company culture. 
Liam conducts free hearing tests at Nailsworth Natural Health Clinic, as well as ear wax removal and the provision of hearing aids.  

Testing Process 

Step 1. 

To begin, we will discuss your hearing and any relevant information about yourself that could have had or may currently have an impact, such as exposure to loud noise at work or persistent use of headphones. 

Step 3. 

We will then discuss relevant solutions available to you, explain how hearing aids work and which type would be best suited to your particular type of hearing loss. 
After thoroughly checking your ears we will then demonstrate a suitable hearing system, so that you may experience the level of improvement that we can expect to achieve. 

Step 2. 

You will be played a series of sounds through headphones and asked to press a button each time you hear one, no matter how quiet or faint. 
The results of this test will allow us to analyse and interpret your hearing loss (if any) and identify areas of your life expected to be affected the most. 

Step 4. 

Following this, we can look at the various styles and sizes of hearing aids that suit your lifestyle, budget and cosmetic preferences. 
Together we will discuss how you feel about your hearing and the hearing solutions available to you. 

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Tel. No: 01242 262551 

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Ear Wax Removal 

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