Smokey Domes - Open


Ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Open Domes have openings to allow some natural noise to filter through to the ear canal. This allows some lower frequencies to dissipate, helping improve sound quality.

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Smokey Domes come in three sizes - small, medium and large.
If you are unsure about which size you need give us a call and we should be able to help as this item is non-returnable.

One pack contains 10 domes.

The 'Smokey' colour and silicon material of these domes make them less prone to discolouration and extra comfortable.

They also have an integrated wax filter to increase the lifespan of the dome and wax filter.

Smokey domes are compatible with select Phonak and Unitron hearing aids.
call us for more information.

How to use
The dome should be cleaned regularly and advised to be changed every three months or when they begin to become hard and/or brittle.

To use these domes, you should first remove the old dome by firmly grasping the speaker or tube and pulling it off. Then, take the new dome in your hand and place it in the same spot as the old one. Make sure to push the new dome firmly to ensure that it is securely attached.

See the second image for a demonstration.

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