Connect Clip


The ConnectClip transforms your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset supporting hands-free phonecalls, bluetooth connectivitiy to computers and remote microphone functionality to hear at distances.



The multi-use Oticon Connect Clip transforms your hearing aids into a stereo headset allowing you to -

Make hands-free phone calls and stream music from your smartphone, whether iPhone® or Android™
ConnectClip’s noise reduction feature ensures your voice comes through clearly, even if it’s noisy around you.

Listen to someone speaking from a distance using the remote microphone functionality.
Simply hand the ConnectClip to a speaker at a lecture, or to a friend in a noisy restaurant and experience clear speech directly in your hearing aids.

Chat over the computer via Skype, Lync, etc. using bluetooth.

Adjust your hearing aids discreetly using the remote control function.

Compatible with Oticon Opn, Engage, More, Xceed & Siya hearing aids and the Ponto 4 & Ponto 5 bone anchored sound processor. ConnectClip can be paired to either one hearing aid (monaural fitting) or a set of two hearing aids (binaural fitting).

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