Phone Adaptor 2.0


The ConnectLine Phone Adaptor 2.0 turns your hearing aids into a wireless headset allowing you to hear your existing landline phone through your hearing aids.

Requires a Streamer Pro to operate.



Incoming called are received by your hearing aids and answered using the Streamer Pro by pressing the button marked by a phone icon. Outgoing calls are made the normal way using your handset.

The Phone Adaptor 2.0 works wirelessly up to a range of 30 metres from your hearing aids.

Its technology uses noise reduction and echo cancellation systems to deliver crisp, uninterrupted sound to your hearing aids.


  1. Plug the Phone Adaptor 2.0's power cable into a wall socket and power it on.

  2. Disconnect the telephone cable from the back of your landline's docking station and plug it into Phone Adaptor 2.0.

  3. Connect one end of the provided telephone cable to the Phone Adaptor 2.0 and the other end to your landline's docking station where the other cable was removed from.

  4. On your Streamer Pro hold the power button for 5 seconds, the light next to it should start flashing blue to indicate it is in pairing mode.

  5. The Phone Adaptor 2.0 will now automatically find the StreamerPro, the green light should flash blue for a few seconds and then stay constant indicating that they are now paired.

It should now be good to go, if you're struggling with the set up please call us on 01242 262 551.

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