If your hearing aids use ProWax miniFit wax filters then this is the guide for you. 
Step one: Remove a tool from the plastic case - the tool has two ends that serve different functions. 
The first end (right side below) is a removal tool to remove the old wax filter from the hearing aid - this can be identified by the small black tip on the end. 
The second end (left side below) contains the new wax filter - this wax filter can be identified as the white bit on the end. 
Step two: Remove the dome on the hearing aid - the flexible silicone ear piece that sits in the ear. 
You can try removing it by holding the speaker between to fingers and pulling the dome off using the other hand as shown below - this can be difficult however it is supposed to come off. 
Step three: Now that the dome has been removed the wax filter is visible at the end of the speaker - you can identify the wax filter as a small, white, circular bit with a hole in the middle at the very end of the speaker. 
Remove the old wax filter by pushing the removal end of the tool into the hole in the middle of the wax filter, until you hear it click - then carefully pull the tool back out. 
You should find that the removal tool has brought the old wax filter with it and it is no longer attached to the speaker. 
Step four: Now that the old wax filter has been removed - push the other end of the tool containing the new wax filter into the hole at the end of the speaker, left by the old wax filter that has just been removed. 
When you hear a click - carefully pull out the tool. You should find that the new wax filter is no longer attached to the tool and is now attached to the end of the speaker. 
Step five: Attach the dome removed earlier on your hearing aid again and you are good to go. 
If the dome is dirty, broken or brittle we recommend you use a fresh dome instead. 
It is a good idea to perform regular maintainence on your hearing aids including replacing the wax filters, domes and cleaning them to ensure you get the best performance and prolong their lifespan. 
A wax filter should be changed once per month or when you notice a reduction in volume or sound quality. The job of the wax filter is to protect the speaker delivering the sound to your ears from debris that could cause damage - when the wax filter has too much debris built up it can block the speaker, affecting the sound that passes through. 
Oticon ProWax miniFit wax filters can be purchased on our online store here or over the phone on 01242 262551 for just £7. 
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