Our ability to hear plays a crucial role in connecting us to the world around us. However, what happens sounds start to fade, and become muffled? Here we will explore the silent signals our ears may be sending us and why catching them early is key to maintaining optimal hearing health. 
The Subtle Signs 
Hearing loss often begins subtly, with signs that can easily be overlooked such as turning up the volume on electronic devices. Besides annoying next door this seems relatively harmless but when we identify the subtle signs of hearing loss in social situations, we can start to see how detrimental it can be to one’s mental health. 
Difficulty following conversations, asking others to repeat themselves, misinterpreting words or sentences and nodding along without grasping what someone is actually saying can all lead to a feeling of isolation, and put a strain on social connections. You could also find yourself actively avoiding noisy environments which depending on your lifestyle, can increase that feeling of isolation. 
Over time, individuals with untreated hearing loss may become accustomed to a lower quality of life and adjust to cope with these signs. As a result, they may settle into a lifestyle that does not fully align with their optimal well-being and increase the risk of anxiety and depression. 
Use it or Lose it 
As well as emotional impact. delaying seeking help for hearing loss can take a physical toll, making the eventual intervention and rehabilitation process more challenging and potentially less effective. Prolonged untreated hearing loss can lead to Auditory Deprivation, where the auditory nerves and parts of the brain associated with hearing may not receive sufficient stimulation. This can lead to atrophy and the inability to process sound properly. 
The brain constantly adapts to changes in sensory input, untreated hearing loss can increase the cognitive load required for understanding speech causing fatigue and making it harder for the brain to readjust to normal after intervention. 
The Importance of Regular Check-ups 
Routine hearing check-ups are maintenance for your auditory system, and we emphasize the importance of scheduling regular appointments with Audiologists for hearing tests. We have regular clinics across the South West (full list available here) ran by experienced and personable Audiologists, offering free, no-obligation hearing tests to anyone. For those seeking intervention, all our Audiologists are able to dispense the latest technology of hearing aids, and work with clients to find the most suitable aid(s) that fits their level of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. 
Our independent hearing company was founded in 2007 by Andrew, who has been an Audiologist for twenty years. We now have four fully qualified Audiologists including Andy's brother Rob, and our dedicated Ear Wax Removal Specialist Kate completes the team, offering ear wax removal for more temporary forms of hearing loss and discomfort caused by ear wax build-up. 
Appointments can be scheduled on this website here, or by calling us directly on 01242 262551 
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